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Admin/Sales Portal

Your role here at VMA

You are often times, the first face that our new students will see when discovering our academy for the first time! Your job is to be welcoming, knowledgable and friendly.

Job Description Overview: The 3 Phases

Position Overview

Admin/Sales Daily Task List

Fill this form out every shift on a daily basis BEFORE you leave each day. In-person, and incoming phone calls take priority.

Phase A - Studio Upkeep & First Impressions
Phase B - Day to Day
Phase C - Sales & Community Outreach

Successfully Submitted! Thank you!

Daily Task List

Working from Home?

If you have a task that you would like to work on at home, or when you are not in the studio:

1. Create a non teaching event on MMS
2. Track amount of time it took you
3. Write down exactly what you did with the time and what you accomplished.

Thats it!
work at coffee shop
Work from home

Team Task & Idea List

The task system we use for Team VMA is called It is one of the leading team management softwares for medium to high level companies. 

It helps keep all of our team members on the same page, and operating like clock work, especially as we continue to grow!


What it is used for:

- Keeping track of requests from parents 

- Delegating tasks to the right person

- Making sure things dont slip through the cracks (Like student calendar changes etc..) This has happened many times in the past. 

- Studio Ideas (Summer camp, new initiatives, yearly recurring tasks etc..)


IMPORANT - If you are delegated a task:

- Treat each task as if its a personal request from either me or Jacqui (The same as an email, text or in person request) 

- These tasks are EXPECTED to get done by the due date

- If for some reason the task cannot be completed by the due date: Update the task with an explanation and request a time extension

- If there are multiple missed deadlines (More than 3 missed deadlines) Then we will be reviewing the situation,


How to Use:

- Download Monday to your phone, and computer (It will be on the work computer as well)

- Make sure to turn on email notifications (You will receive an email anytime that you are assigned a task)

- CHECK that your tasks are up to date each time that you are in the studio


Send an Invoice

Send us an invoice at the end of each month to ensure that you get paid on the 1st of the month.

- You will get paid once at the beginning of the month for the previous months worth lessons taught. (This is subject to change to better fit our teachers in the future)

To see your payroll balance and how to invoice, watch this video: 

- Any invoice issues, changes or questions can be sent to

Image by Bench Accounting
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