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Windsor Violin Class lessons

Learn to play the violin!

Windsor Violin Lessons

Windsor Violin Class lessons

Violin Lessons in Windsor for


Learning the piano is amazing in developing the creative areas of the brain! This skill will be applicable to many areas of life.


Increase technical skills, get faster, play with more accuracy and increase overall playability.


Reading music notation is a skill that is fundamental to playing your instrument. Learn to sight read and read high level pieces.


Get performance ready! We have multiple performance opportunities throughout the year for our students both on our stage and out in the community!

Windsor Violin Class lessons

Any Age
Any Level

From beginner to Pro.


 Our teachers can guide you every step of the way from learning the fundamentals to a professional music career!

Windsor Violin Class lessons
Image by Lucia Macedo

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Stop by, meet our amazing teachers and staff and get a feel of what its like to foster a love for music!


“My 5 year old daughter attended summer camp for 2 weeks at Verellen and I must say I was completely delighted. My daughter is "spirited" and extremely challenging at times but was genuinely excited to go every day and talked about her days at bedtime every night. Mr Joey, miss Jackie and miss Sam were outstanding in their approach with meeting each day with positivity and enthusiasm. Any chance would benefit and be lucky to learn from them. Thank you for such a positive and wonderful experience.”

Kerri Kavanaugh

Tips for practicing the Violin 

Determine what you want to achieve in each practice session and set goals accordingly. Having a clear objective will help you stay focused and motivated.

Set clear and specific goals

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