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Teacher Handbook and Frequently Asked Questions
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Note to our VMA Teachers

You have been hand picked by us here at VMA because we believe that you are a teacher in our community that exhibits amazing skill, communication and leadership. These are the important qualities that we look for in our team members. We value and respect your time, and for that reason, we wanted to create this FAQ as a useful tool to get the information you need in the quickest way possible! We are very happy to have you here as part of our VMA community!

General rules for our staff:

1. Please show up to your first lesson 15 mins early, if you are walking in at the same time as your student and their parent; it looks very unprofessional. 

2. Your typical 30 min lesson should be split into 10-10-10.

        First 10 mins: Hard work on learning new songs, concepts, theory etc..

        2nd 10 mins: Learning games. If your student is starting to lose focus, play a constructive game.

        Last 10 mins: Play through fun repertoire, could be pop music, classical etc..

3. If a student doesn't show up you have two options:

        1. Email the student or parent. Book a makeup lesson at a time that works for both of you.

        2. Create a quick 5-10 min video with what the student can work on that week.

4. Please dress appropriately, wear semi-formal clothing.

5. Teachers are limited to only 1 or 2 sicks days per semester. It is incredibly disruptive for families, and we have seen students move teachers or drop out if a teacher is away too many times.

6. Committing to the end of the year/semester is a must! We are looking for teachers that are committed to their students and their growth and learning. Your students will bond with you, and in some cases refuse to be with another teacher, so it's important that you are committed until the end of the year.

7. Any schedule changes discussed with your student/parent must be directed to the administrator. Our entire schedule is run by our administrator, any changes HAVE to be reflected on the calendar. This affects your pay, time, schedule and determines when we set you up for trials.

7. Check your schedule before every shift. You will know your start and end times, and what students will be away that day. If you see an [X] beside your student, take that as a personal message from us, that your student will be away that day. 

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