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Daily Checklist

Answer all Calls before they get to voicemail


Respond to message and email leads within 15 mins


Complete all Daily Activities on Pipedrive by 6pm. (No Yellow or Red activities)

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our School

History of School

Name: Verellen Music Academy [Pronunciation: [VIR]  -  [ELLEN]

Opening Date: June 2021 (3 Years)

Who We Are: We are a music School that teaches music lessons

What do we Do?: We teach private music lessons and group classes

Tour the School:

Services & Pricing

1. Private Lessons:

- $55 per 60 mins | $32 per 30 mins

- Piano, Guitar, Singing, Violin, Drums, Ukulele, Bass Guitar

- Ages 4 & Up

2. Small Child Group Lessons: 

- 30 mins | $19

- Toddler Tunes & Music Munchkins

- Toddler Tunes: Ages 1 - 2 

- Music Munchkins: Ages 3-6

3. Older Group Lessons: 

- 45 mins | $24

- Rockband, Musical Theatre, Glee Club

- Ages 7 - 18

4. P.A Day camps & Summer Camps

- $75 per Day

- Every P.A Day Once Per Month

- Summer Camp: 3 Weeks in the Summer

- Ages 4 -13

Basic Information

Address: 3244 Walker Rd Windsor Ontario Canada

Phone Number: 519-397-0446



Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday 3pm-9pm

Saturdays 9am-5pm

Closed Saturdays


Piano: silas, mark, Rita, Martin 
Guitar: Silas, Mark, Martin
Singing: Jamie, Mark
Violin: Rita
Drums: Martin, Silas, Mark
Ukulele: Rita, Silas, Mark


Cant Make it to Lesson?

- Must email us 24hrs before lesson


- You only get 2 Makeup Lessons per Semester

One Sheet
Speaking with Client
How to Book Trial

Sales Scripts

Sales Scripts

New Team Member Onboarding!




Onboarding Checklist

In order for you to get started making calls, please go through the following tasks. Once you have completed the tasks we will do a quick zoom call where you can demonstrate that you understand the basics!

Step 1:

1. Click to Watch the School Intro Video

2. Read & Understand the Position Overview &  Expectations

3. Download and Login to the Software 

Step 2: 

1. Learn how to Speak with Clients

3. Get ready for "Mock Call" Test.

- We will simply run through a simple mock call, us pretending to be a client looking for lessons

- Show us 'step by step' how to create a trial lesson in the calendar and THATS IT! You are ready to start making calls!

Tour Vido

Overview of the Position

Your job is to answer leads and set them up with a trial music lesson!


Time: 1-2 hours per day Monday to Saturday

Location: Remote, Can be done Anywhere!

Software: My Music Staff, Pipedrive, Gmail, Openphone, Facebook Biz Manager,

Guitar Lessons
Position Overview

Expectations of the Sales Position

No Call goes Unanswered. And new leads are answered within 15 mins.

Pipedrive is cleared by 6pm Daily. 

No Yellow or Red Activities!

15 Sign-ups Per Month

1. If you are sick or unable to work that day. Please let us know by email, or Text. (My Internet was down is not an acceptable excuse)

2. We have a "3 Strike" system. If you miss a day without letting us know, if there are any issues, you will receive a strike. This is an objective way for us to make sure that our clients are being answered.

Piano Practice

The Software You Will Be Using

**For the login username and passwords, please message us**


School Calendar


Our school calendar, how we book and invoice for lessons

We will send you a link to your email for you to set your password

Screenshot 2024-03-05 at 1.16.21 PM.png

Client Management


How we manage and keep track of our interested leads.

Screenshot 2024-03-05 at 1.21.05 PM.png

Our Phone Servics


How we call and Text Clients

THIS IS A MOBILE APP go to the app store and download to your phone

Screenshot 2024-03-05 at 1.25.19 PM.png

Our Email


How we email our Clients

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