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Pipedrive must be cleared and answered by 6pm Daily EST

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Welcome to the
VMA Sales Portal

Daily Checklist

☑ Answer all Calls before they get to voicemail

☑ Respond to message and email leads within 15 mins

☑ Complete all Daily Activities on Pipedrive by 6pm. (No Yellow or Red activities)

Sales Stats
This Month

Email Responses

Overview of the Position

Your job is to answer leads and set them up with a trial music lesson!


Time: 1-2 hours per day Monday to Saturday

Location: Remote, Can be done Anywhere!

Software: My Music Staff, Pipedrive, Gmail, Openphone, Facebook Biz Manager,

Guitar Lessons
Position Overview

Expectations of the Sales Position

No Call goes Unanswered. And new leads are answered within 15 mins.

Pipedrive is cleared by 6pm Daily. 

No Yellow or Red Activities!

15 Sign-ups Per Month

Piano Practice
About Our School

About our School!

Name: Verellen Music Academy

[Pronunciation: [VIR]  -  [ELLEN]

Who We Are: We are a music School that teaches music lessons

What do we Do?: We teach private music lessons (Guitar, piano, voice, drums etc..) and group classes

Where: 3244 Walker Rd Windsor Ontario Canada N8W3R8

Opening Date: June 2021

Phone Number: 519-397-0446


Tour the School:

Take a Tour of
Our School!

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