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Verellen Music Academy - Policies for 2020

Welcome to Verellen Music Academy. We work hard to ensure that our policies are beneficial for both our students and our staff. Please read these policies very carefully, as they are non-negotiable. Verellen Music Academy promises to fulfill these policies and reserves the right to change any of these policies at any time.


Simply email us at and we will reply with details and an attached form for intake. Our form provides details, your balance owed, and it includes our policies, which require your signature. Once you have returned the form we will reserve your spot for 24 hours. During the 24 hour period, you must send an e-transfer payment to keep your spot. Please note, that if we do not receive your payment within the 24 hour period, we will release your chosen lesson time to other students, out of respect for our staff and their time.


There are various payment options, depending on your desired commitment. Due to COVID-19, payments are currently being accepted by e-transfer. Your e-transfer payment must be received to reserve your lesson slot. Please see the following options below for our payment policies, including due dates and missed payments.


1. Year commitment: You can choose to pay for a full academy year of lessons in advance. This option commits you from September to June only. July/August summer lessons aren't included in the commitment and you can simply let us know if you'd like to take lessons over the summer term. We send out information regarding summer term as it approaches. 

2. Semester commitment: You can choose to pay for an entire semester in advance. Our semesters are as follows:

Semester 1: September - January

Semester 2: February - June

Summer Semester: July - August 

3. Monthly commitment: Due to COVID-19, we accept monthly commitments at this time. This means that you can choose to pay for one month in advance, rather than a semester. Each monthly payment is billed on the 21st of the month and is expected on the 1st of the upcoming month. If a payment is not received by the 1st, the student forfeits their lesson time and the teacher will refuse to give any further lessons until paid. 

4. No commitment: New customers may take a trial lesson. This lesson is discounted and requires 0 commitment to register. Note that this option can only be used, once. After this trial lesson, you can choose to commit to further lessons if you wish.


Please feel free to contact us at any time by email or phone.


Phone: 226-627-5225 


1. Group lessons: Group lessons cannot be credited, refunded or reschedule unless the class is cancelled due to the teacher being absent. Therefore, unless due to an emergency, all missed group classes will be a lost class.

2. Private lessons: Parents must give 24 hours notice by email when rescheduling a lesson. Unfortunately we cannot accept phone calls or voicemails for that 24 hours notice. Emails will be checked each day to ensure reschedules are received and the teacher will reach out with makeup options.  Parents are only allowed a maximum of 2 rescheduled lessons a semester. After these two rescheduled lessons, any further lessons missed are deemed lost lessons. Lost lessons are not refunded or made up. If a student misses a lesson without 24 hour notice, the lesson is not refunded or made up. In regards to makeup options, teachers are only expected to provide 3 varying options in date and time. If a parent cannot make any of those options, the lesson is lost. Of course if a parent prefers to do a makeup in a specific week of the semester, the teacher can attempt to then accommodate an appropriate time. If your makeup lessons are not completed by the end of a semester, they are lost lessons and cannot be refunded or made up in an alternate semester. A great option when missing a lesson, is to allow a sibling or friend to take the lesson slot temporarily. 


If a student is running 5 minutes late, the teacher will usually attempt to contact the student by phone or email. Once the student is 15 minutes late, the teacher is no longer obligated to wait and the lesson is forfeited with no refund. However if notice is given that a student will be late, a teacher will wait for the student. The teacher cannot and is not obligated to extend the lesson past the time slot, as another student may be scheduled afterwards.


If Verellen Music Academy deems that it is unsafe for students to travel to a lesson due to snow, ice etc., students will be notified by email. Teachers will reschedule those lessons, as soon as possible. Please note credits and refunds cannot be provided for these days, only makeup options.


When a student registers for in-person, monthly, semester based, or yearly lessons, a registration fee will apply. This is a $25 fee that includes an academy t-shirt, binder and administration fee. For online lessons, this fee is waved as these items cannot be provided during COVID-19.


Holidays are factored into tuition and deducted before payment. We will do our very best to notify you of upcoming holidays, by email or in person.

Holidays are listed below: 

  • Thanksgiving Monday - Oct 12th, 2020

  • Christmas Season - December 20th, 2020 - January 2nd, 2021.

  • Family Day - February 15th, 2021

  • March Break - March 15th-19th, 2021

  • Good Friday through Easter Monday - April 12th, 2021 - April 15th, 2021

  • Victoria Day - May 24th, 2021

Our last day of lessons is on June 30th, 2021.


Verellen Music Academy reserves the right to provide a substitute teacher when a teacher is ill or away. Verellen Music Academy works hard to minimize absences, but where one cannot be avoided, a Director approved substitute may be needed. If a substitute cannot be provided students will be notified and provided with makeup options. This will not be a credited lesson or refunded lesson. This will not count as or effect the two rescheduled lessons for students.


Verellen Music Academy does not assume responsibility for the care of students or children while they are within school premises. All students who are under the age of 18 MUST be accompanied by a parent or caregiver when entering the Academy premises. 


By enrolling with Verellen Music Academy you hereby give consent for us to take and use photos and videos of your children to print and post at the school, on our website, or social media. We will never sell any of these photos or videos and will not share these visuals with third parties for any reason. We will never use the full name of a student out of protection for them. As much as possible, we will forward you any photos or videos by email, so that you are aware that your children's images or videos are being used for any school visuals. You can opt out of this by emailing us at


If you wish to cancel lessons, please notify us with written notice (by email,) 14 days prior to the date you wish to cancel on. A cancellation fee of $50 applies if a semester or yearly committed student cancels before the end of the required semester/year, and you will be refunded the remainder of your lessons.


Verellen Music Academy reserves the right to immediately cancel the enrolment of any family/student. This cancellation can be due to aggressive behaviour, communication, inappropriate behaviour, frequent absence, repeated late payments or other reasons determined by Verellen Music Academy. Tuition for future lessons would be refunded if a rare occasion such as those listed above, should occur.


Verellen Music Academy does not assume responsibility for personal property lost, damaged, or left unattended on Academy premises.


You will receive a mandatory invitation to read these policies upon registering. Verellen Music Academy expects that you will have read all policies and will continue to abide by them while attending our academy. These policies will always be available to you online or if by request in written form, (email.)


We thank you for your patience in reading the above policies and for choosing to begin your journey with us!